Portuguese Cocktail Bar & Dessert Tasting @Barcelos


Barcelos brings the rich wine culture of Portugal here through their newly introduced Portuguese Cocktail Bar. They have already won people’s heart through their exotic bar menu which includes Molecular drinks, Sangria, boozy shakes and now taking it to another level, they have introduced an exclusive Portuguese Cocktail Bar.

With today’s emerging global trend of fast pace living, there is little time available for good and traditional food. Therefore, Barcelos strive continually to find a perfect balance between the traditional, healthy home-style cuisine and the fast lane demands of the modern world. Barcelos is an Afro-Portuguese restaurant specializing in Peri Peri best Flamed Grilled Chicken. With a single operation founded in Pretoria, South Africa in 1993, Barcelos has grown exponentially which led it to start franchising in 1998. Ever since this gourmet of burger chain opened in Khan Market it has been a hit amongst the people.


The ambiance is bewitching. Spread over two floors, this place has a warm inviting feel with well laid out massive space & comfortable seating. The interiors have been done tastefully with a lot of wall paintings reflecting the theme of Portugal.


So after creating a huge buzz by introducing colored burgers, Barcelos is back with another interesting concept for those who love their drinks and for all the sweet-toothed people like myself. It brings the rich wine culture of Portugal here through their newly introduced Portuguese Cocktail menu. First up, i was greeted by the delightful DIRTY ROSE, a small-sized glass containing wine, rose essence and tropical fruit- all topped with dried rose petals. The fruitalicious blend somehow left me with the pleasant aftertaste.


Next was the Indian classic cocktail KHATTI MEETHI MARGARITA, infused with tequila, fresh lime, mint leaves, tamarind and watermelon. It was refreshing and is definitely a popular choice amongst the ladies.


Although I’m not a wine person but still i was in love with DOCE. A blend of red port wine, a spoon of vanilla ice cream to give a creamy texture to it, cinnamon, raspberry syrup  with sprinkled chocolate powder. This drink was a pure bliss.


As for food, FRIES AND WEDGES PLATTER was served with 3 dips- mayo, peri mayo and cheesy jalapeño mayo which was my favourite.


Up next was ARABIC MEZZE PLATTER, it comes with the fresh hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, pesto hummus and tabbouleh with the crispy falafel and spongy pita.


Now comes the sweet part of this review, dessert that is, GOLDEN CHOCOLATE CAKE serve with meringue and BLACK FOREST ICE CREAM was luscious. Ice cream was vanilla based with chocolate flakes and cherries.

unnamed (1)

Though TRADITIONAL CHEESECAKE with gulab jamun base didn’t have the perfect consistency but small sized gulab jamun that were served separately with it was on point. The best part about ice cream here is that it is not procured from outside but made in Barcelos, so fancy some PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM? Go for it as it tastes great and gives a flavorful after taste.


Overall I enjoyed this experience and all credit goes to the staff and prowess of the chef. Presentation and hospitality was remarkable. Barcelos strives to serve something different in a market that is already full of restaurants serving everything and they manage to hold their ground well. Hence, their new cocktail and dessert menu is worth a try.

Happy reading & Happy eating!!!

By Nistha Singh

Associate Blogger



Harry’s New Menu by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Singapore’s favorite bar- Harry’s has launched its all new menu to cater to the strong bar culture that the brand is grounded in. Curated by Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani, the food menu comprises of Greens, Bar Nibbles, Mains and Desserts for the foodies to celebrate the New Year.

Get ready to be spoiled for choice with delectable yet healthy ‘Greens’ including Watermelon & Feta and Caesar Salads; relish over 30 varieties of ‘Bar Nibbles’ such as Buffalo Chicken Winglets, Fondue Stuffed Mushroom, Smoking Hot Sausages and Crispy Chilli Potatoes.

Take your pick of yummy signature ‘Sliders’ or dig into ‘Bowls’ with a variety of Asian, Italian and Indian options to choose from.

Harry’s has been on my list of favorite’s since the time they opened up their Khan Market outlet which is above Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This place for some reason can never go wrong with their food and drinks and just like any other day I visited Harry’s with the same zeal and enthusiasm this time too for the launch of its new gastronomic menu. Chef Vicky Ratnani had flown down from Mumbai especially for this launch and paid attention to each of the person present at the launch.

Our evening was started with some cocktails from the new menu. I decided to go with White Sangria as it is my current poison these days. The sangria as expected was freshly prepared with all the fruits soaked in white wine but to my surprise it was on the sweeter side. After much discussion we asked the server and he said the drink had mango juice in it. Well I’ve had sangria’s at a lot of places now and I’m very well aware of the taste and contents but this was first of its kind having mango juice. I’d leave it on to you people for the feedback because food is something very personal I believe. For me it was way too sweet for my taste buds.

The next drink was Dirty Harry made with vodka, litchi juice and some caster sugar. Again, not a very impressive trick.

For the starters we had Ratatouille Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Vietnamese Spring Roll, Wasabi Cottage Cheese, Mumbai style Potato Wedges, Fisherman Basket etc.

The mushroom caps were surprisingly delicious and it was more like “You didn’t want to know what’s there inside it and just gulp it down” as said by one of the bloggers while eating the caps. And I most definitely second her on this thought. They were the best I’ve had so far. Vietnamese Rolls were though a little loosely packed, tasted good. Wasabi Cottage Cheese were again a hit on the spot dish, with perfect tinge of wasabi in it.

Vietnamese Spring Roll

Vietnamese Spring Roll

Wasabi Cottage Cheese

Wasabi Cottage Cheese

Ratatouille Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Ratatouille Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Fisherman Basket and Potato wedges were perfectly cooked and spiced dishes which were amongst the most enjoyed and loved by everyone from the new menu. Although I’m not a potato person, I thoroughly enjoyed eating these wedges with tangy sauce.

Fisherman Basket

Fisherman Basket

Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

Watermelon & Feta salad is what I had next. After much discussion and speculations all of us decided to order this salad, and my my such a wonderful salad it was. But the only trouble I had was with the feta cheese, it was a tad bit on the harder side as compared to how cheese is supposed to be in this salad.

Watermelon & Feta Salad

Watermelon & Feta Salad

From the main course I had Thai Curry with Rice. As expected the curry was beautifully made with vegetables and complimented well with sticky rice.

Thai Curry and Sticky Rice bowl

Thai Curry and Sticky Rice bowl

Desserts are the best part of any and every meal. For a person like me who definitely has a mini stomach especially for desserts, it’s difficult to leave without tasting at least one out of many and oh boy this dessert swept me away from my feet. The Volcano Chocolate Cake with flamed rum was one mind boggling dessert I had or you could imagine. You gotta eat to believe it! Highly recommended by me, a 10/10 to chef for this amazing addition.

Volcano Chocolate Cake

Volcano Chocolate Cake

Next time you are in khan Market or SelectCity walk and looking forward to spend some quality time over drinks and food, head over to Harry’s and you won’t be disappointed.

Happy eating & Happy reading!!!