What A Comic Show!

Comic-book nerds, rejoice! Thanks to a comic themed restaurant and the hippest trendiest new hangout in town.  With a hanging upside down action figurine of Spiderman on the window glass and a life sized frame of Superman, comic-book fans will feel right at home at What a Comic Show (WACS). When you walk into a place like this, it brings you back to your childhood and makes you remember why you got into comics. Here you’ll get the flashback of those days where comic characters were our real heroes and how we mimicked ninja by using scales as swords to supernatural devil looking investigator, Hellboy.  Being a hardcore comic fanatic, I was in love with their ambiance. There are comics everywhere- on the walls, collage on the table tops, and even full issues on the table to read while you wait. It was indeed a joy when I spotted my favorite Iron man’s action figure. The walls display countless memorabilia from Marvel & other comics, including Mickey Mouse, head busts, figurines and movie posters. It provides excellent customer service in a friendly home style environment.  Customers can play any of the board games at any time. The restaurant is essentially my dream fan-cave brought to life!

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Located at Safdarjung Development Area Market near Delhi, IIT Gate, this new age restaurant started by food lover and comic world fan- Pooja Moirangthem is one of a kind. Being a budding entrepreneur, Pooja has been in the Travel Industry for almost a decade and then decided to hang her boots as she always had the zest to start a unique and rejuvenating enterprise. The owner have meticulously handpicked and selected all the components of the business. They even organize live acoustic musical nights, screening of super blockbusters in the genre of animation, superheroes costume parties and much more.

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I sat down and pursue the drinks menu to see what reference I can catch. A mocktail named PHANTOM PUNCH pops out immediately, it is a blend of lime soda, brown sugar with ginger syrup. Super healthy and refreshing drink. Then I opted for FRANSKENSTEIN BLOOD which did not suit my taste bud. I felt the portion of tomato juice was too strong.

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To get the complete essence of both CONTINENTAL and ORIENTAL delicacies, I chose VEG PLATTER from each. Former platter consists of crispy French fries, potato wedges, mushroom triangle toast which was a perfect delight and simple bruschetta with tasty topping. While the latter has spring rolls, stuffed potato, chilly paneer which were good but shabalay and wontons were a letdown. On the recommendation of our pretty host, I tried CRISPY CORN PEPER SALT and BAM! It was an outburst of crunch and flavors. Here, I can say that spiciness was on point.

Crispy Corn pepper salt

Then I had WHITE SAUCE MUSHROOM PASTA which again was brilliant. Up next was freshly made EGG SANDWICH with a side of fries, which for once was just the right amount. It has a taste that lingers and will make you want to revisit.

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Like we all know a food review is incomplete without a sweet take, so for dessert, I had CHOCOLATE BROWNIE with CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM which was good.

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Clearly, this is a different kind of establishment. One that makes everyone feel welcome. It is a geeked out nerd fest with great food. Like Jim Zub said ‘Comic is social’ and so is WACS.

On a comical note I would like to add ‘May the FOOD be with you’!

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Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

By Nistha Singh

Associate Blogger




Wendy’s is here!!! #WendysIndia

Wendy's at sector 29 Gurgaon

Wendy’s at sector 29 Gurgaon

America’s favourite and world renowned Wendy’s makes it’s way to India. Yes, everyone you read it right! Wendy’s has opened it’s first outlet in Gurgaon Sector 29, Leisure Valley market and is ready to open it’s door for the public of Delhi/NCR on 6th of May 2015.



Let me take you back in the year 1969 and tell you a small story about wendy’s.

1969- First Wendy’s (November)

1970- Wendy’s introduces a pick up window (November)

1975- First Canadian Restaurant (September)

1976- Wendy’s goes public (September)

1976- 500th Wendy’s open (December)

1977- First television commercial (April)

1978- 1,000th Wendy’s open (March)

1979- Salad bar introduced (November)

1980- 2,000th Wendy’s open (November)

1981- Wendy’s join NYSE (May)

1983- Baked potatoes added to the menu (October)

1984- “Where’s the Beef” (January)

1984- Wendy’s turn 15 (November)

1985- 3,000th Wendy’s opens (February)

1989- Dave Thomas advertising campaign (April)

1989- Super value meal launched (October)

1990- Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Summer)…..

2013- Stock of the year &

2015- Wendy’s comes to India!!!

First Wendy's Outlet

First Wendy’s Outlet

The place is very well decorated and smartly used. It has the space for about 60-70 people who can properly sit and eat unlike standing and eating. They have high table as well with chairs if someone doesn’t gets a table which is equally comfortable. This place has a unique combination of Coke studio playing in the background with an all american atmosphere and food. You don’t have to cue up and wait for your order, the servers will give you a token number along with your bill and the food will be served on your table which is not usually seen in any of the QSR chains. Cleanliness and efficiency in each and everything can be spotted.



Follow a few simple steps and place your order without any fuss- the moment you enter from the front door, you see the cash counter where you can place your order. So once you place your order, an order number would be provided along with a bill and you will be asked to get a seat for yourself and the order will come on your table. Yes, unlike any other burger place you don’t have to wait at the counter for your order. It takes maximum 5-6 minutes and you get your burger in a proper ceramic plate, where you don’t have to unwrap it from the paper. It is as if you are sitting in a restaurant serving any other cuisine which comes to your table with proper plating.

Baconator burger, Chicken Chilli, Cherry Cola, Cash Counter

Baconator burger, Chicken Chilli, Cherry Cola, Cash Counter

Kitchen area (they make their own cola), Fries with cheese and Bacon, Frosty topped with caramela nd banana, Cucumber fizz, Aloo crunch in the making, Ultimate paneer patty in the making and Chicken ranch salad

Kitchen area (they make their own cola), Fries with cheese and Bacon, Frosty topped with caramela nd banana, Cucumber fizz, Aloo crunch in the making, Ultimate paneer patty in the making and Chicken ranch salad

I know by now you must tempted enough and without delaying more let me take you to a short trip of the menu I tried and what all you should eat when in Wendy’s.

Vegetarians grub- Spicy Aloo Crunch ( with regular bun and spicy skinned baby potatoes coated with in house masala topping, this burger can turn a carnivore into veggie lover and you won’t even complaint. This is a must have!) Ultimate Paneer (another winner from the veg section, this has a thick piece of paneer (cottage cheese) in it with toppings and brioche bun which makes it simply perfect)

Non-Vegetarians delight- Ghost Chilli, Baconator, Chicken ranch salad and Greek mutton. I’m already drooling while writing these names, as the name suggests the ghost chilli is made of naga chilli in them but doesn’t kill your palate with the extra chilli flavor. Baconator being a baconator is an awesome burger for every bacon lover because it gives a good amount of meat in it without compromising on the flavor or sauces. And the surprise element of the complete menu is “Salad”. A QSR selling salads is first and boy oh boy, the salads are nothing less than WOW!.

Drinks- they have 5 fizzy drinks that are different, refreshing and chilled. I tried watermelon cooler and cucumber fizz and they both were better than most of the mojito’s or mocktails you get in any of the cafe’s. They are more like a cafe than a regular fast food joint. They have a huge variety of hot and cold drinks and use 100% Arabic beans for their coffee. The cold drinks are made of Monin natural flavors including cucmber and watermelon.

Ultimate paneer, aloo crunch, ultimate mutton and ghost chilli

Ultimate paneer, aloo crunch, ultimate mutton and ghost chilli

If you know about Wendy’s then you would definitely know about the reason behind these square buns. It is because Dave Thomas figured out that is the best way to cook them. It also reminded him of his favorite restaurant when he was growing up. In India, they are the first ones to do square patties and also square buns. I took a round of the kitchen and I must say that I have never ever seen such organised, clean and well equipped kitchen of a fast food joint. You can get a better kitchen in probably a 5-star hotel but getting such a high tech kitchen where non veg and veg section are not only separated in terms of equipment but also in terms of the kitchen staff and their clothes.

Good to be Sqaure

Good to be Square

Wendy’s is launching officially on 6th May 2015 with loads of fun activities lined up for everyone!

 Happy eating & Happy reading!!!