Seasonal Menu at Mamagoto


Shrimp Dumplings

Mamagoto has been a favourite since forever now, be it someone’s birthday or a casual lunch, Mamagoto is the first option. One good thing about this place is the consistency in their food and quality.

Winter is a time when the appetite automatically gets doubled and most of the people, including me are always looking for new places, menu to try on. Mamagoto introduced a not so extensive but satisfying winter menu this season, 3 options in cocktails, 1 veg, 1 meat and 1 sea food options in Dumplings section. 3 different options in the main course and 1 in the dessert.


Rum Diaries

Mamagoto excels in the field of asian cooking and one who is a regular at the restaurant swears by their dumplings and Ramen Bowl.

I tried Shrimp Dumplings and Veg (mixed mushroom spiked with sesame oil, served with a fresh chilli and vinegar dressing) the dumplings were perfectly steamed and the filling tasted well too but my only concerned was about the dressing, since the dumplings come dipped into the dressing, it becomes too soggy on the base which makes it difficult to eat.

On the other hand, Mama Katsu-Don ( Mirin, sake, kikkoman soya, smoky onion sauce poured over sticky rice and served with panko crusted fried chicken) this was one full meal with huge chunks of chicken and a bowl full of rice. This is a meal in itself, and can be shared by 2 people.


Veg Dumplings

The drinks were pretty good as well, I tried Frozen Sangria and Rum Diaries, as the name suggests one being a wine based cocktail and other a mix of white and dark rum shaked with grilled pineapple and orange juice.


Frozen Sangria

You can find these cocktails in the regular menu as well.

     Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

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