Flluid- Hotel Mosaic

Presentation of food has been given utmost emphasis. They came up diverse ideas like The Gun Powder infused American Chowder Soup which was served in a skull shaped hip glass topped with gun powder masala. This was my favorite from the evening.. Just wished it was not the size of a shot glass..


We began with a mocktail which was basically orange juice served in a liquor flask and the whole idea of starting our meal with a juice seemed healthy enough. Following this came in a snack in a miniature iron for us to guess what was inside of it. It was a starter which was a puff with healthy mushroom filling. Too small in size to finish up in one go.



Just keeping the starters light enough we were served Amritsari Masala Baked Fish which was served as small cubes with a slice of cucumber as the base for the cube for the entire snack to go in the mouth as a whole while for the vegetations on our table it was Achari Paneer tikka tart. This dish was very rich in flavour and spices and served as a canopy of paneer chunks. To add further taste to dishes they had their sauses and dips – Mint chutney, Tamota Salsa and Chilly Garlic Mayonnaise each in a miniature pressure cookers..



We were served the Ceaser Salad prepared in Mayo, Olive oil, Lettuce and other vegies and bread crumbs served in a big edible bun. Personally I didn’t like the dish much and found the bun to be a total wastage of food since nobody would eat the bun and just the filling.



Next we were served a house creation of 3 burgers which were served with fries in a miniature shopping  trolley.. Now the speciality about these burgers was that each burger had a specific flavour to it – Pink : beatroot, Green : spinach, and the regular..


We were served the chicken pudina chaat which was typically Indian. Experiments could have been done with this one to make it more interesting.
To bring an end to the evening we were served a lip smacking dessert which was something I had never about. The Gulab Jamun cheese cake. Chunks of Gulab Jamun in English cheese cake along with rasberry cheese cake as a topping given separately in a mini glass to add to the taste.


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