Kylis- an Experience


Hindware, one of the leading brands in sanitary ware has recently launched a new product, Kylis. I got to know about kylis when I went out searching for a perfect product for my newly furnished bathroom. I was looking for something classy and edgy and that’s when I found this new fitting. I and my parents have always been a Hindware loyalist; they have been in the market from over 55 years and unlike many other brands, have proved their mark.

The all new Kylis, together with an illustrious look and outstanding quality is here to take a lead in bathroom solutions products. The exquisite design and chrome finish of Kylis compels you to take a second look that leaves a lingering impression.

The sharp and gripping features give Kylis an edge over other contemporary designs.  Minimalistic in approach, Kylis elegantly compliments the environment they are placed in and create a perfect harmony.

We often spend a lot of time and effort in designing our house but often miss out on bathrooms and their equipment. This is where we go wrong, bathrooms are as important as any other part of the house.

Before telling more about kylis, let me tell you a little more about Hindware and its background.

HSIL Limited, vastly recognized by its brand Hindware, a leading name in the Indian market is a company driven by innovation. Its complete focus on crafting unforgettable bathing experiences, developing contemporary bathroom solutions for over five decades with products that make life better has set new trends each year.

A company that has such a vast background can hardly go wrong with their products and their quality. While choosing a bathroom solution I blindly vouch for Hindware and I can assure everyone out there that they can never go wrong.

Inspired by finest of styles and convenience, Kylis is here to make a stark entry and steal the show. The sharp and gripping features give Kylis an edge over other contemporary designs. The lustrous shine and elegant cut together with everlasting quality of Kylis offer optimum convenience without compromising on style and value. With a very enticing feel and extremely stylish looks, Kylis defies the odds and ticks every box to fit in the day-to-day a la mode lifestyle.

Kylis, with a combination of style and geometric design fits perfectly into your personal space allowing ample flexibility and movement in terms of space. Minimalistic in approach, they elegantly compliment the environment they are placed in and create a perfect harmony.





Getafix- guilt free indulgence #NewInTown



When I first got the invite to review/visit Getafix in Greater kailash market, I was in dilemma due to its image of a “Cafe that serves Healthy Food” or at least that’s what I thought initially. But soon I decided to finally go and visit a place that claims to have tasty and healthy food. Let me tell you one thing, we foodies have bad eating habits especially when you’re a food blogger, you get to eat a lot of junk and oily food. So this time it was a pleasant surprise to get an invite for trying a different sort of food.

There are way too many cafe’s in the market these days which claim themselves to be serving healthy/organic/guilt free food but how many out of all those are worth trying is the question. Getafix, claims nothing out of all these characteristics that I’ve mentioned above. They simply serve you what they would want to have without feeling guilty, of course they have kept taste and options in mind, so that they don’t bore the customers with repetitive stuff. With teal color brick walls one one side and a small book shelf at the entrance, this place will make you fall in love with itself as soon as you enter. At least it did made me fall in love with it and music is another highlight apart from food. The owners Dhruv and Aanandita have got some amazing taste in both music and food.

Brick wall

Brick wall

Getafix has a lot to offer you, from choice of pancakes to omelettes and appetizers to freshly made pastas and pizzas. To start with I ordered pancakes with banana and honey. Dhruv, the founder of the cafe told me the story behind these pancakes, so initially they did 30%  whole wheat and 70% oats but it didn’t come out as expected and as they just cannot compromise on the taste part, they decided to find a way out and came up with this unique way of making thin pancakes and filling it with ricotta and nuts and the choice of topping/filling you wanted. My verdict- these pancakes are simply refreshing than your usual fluffy pancakes which eventually become heavy on your stomach. They serve the pancakes with 3 dips, honey, maple syrup and fruit compote. A MUST HAVE!



You always thought of having smoothies but couldn’t, because the ingredients and look of it was enough to fill your stomach? Well if that was the case then try the smoothies here and I bet you’ll come for more next time. The cafe has an extensive menu of juices and smoothies, all being freshly prepared with seasonal fruits. They do have some options which might contain canned pulp or fruits but they do not appreciate it and hence, they have variety of seasonal fruits to interchange with the existing option in a particular smoothie or juice. I opted for Berranana Fix and my friend opted for Khal Strawgo Fix. Berranana Fix has Banana, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberry and Yoghurt and Khal Stawgo fix has got Mango, Strawberry, Basil and Yoghurt. As I told you above that they do not suggest using nonseasonal fruits, so the mango was changed to kiwi and trust me each of them tasted better than the other.

Smoothies and Juices

Smoothies and Juices

After my fix of smoothies and pancake, I ordered Air fried fish and chips and Mexican Bowl. I know a lot of people who swear by the air fried dishes but this was my first time and let me assure you, the fish and chips are super! Brilliant in taste, perfectly cooked and almost zero oil. The food here is neither too spicy nor bland because I know after hearing the word ‘Healthy’ most of us associate with the word ‘Bland’ or ‘Tasteless’ but Getafix will change your mindset and notion about healthy food being tasteless, as every dish here is as tasty as any other oily, heavy dish or maybe better.

The Mexican bowl has, steamed vegetable mexican rice with grilled veggies, black beans and salsa style sauce. Another filling dish which is not at all heavy and perfectly balanced in terms of flavour.

Mexican Bowl Meal

Mexican Bowl Meal

Air Fried Fish and Chips

Air Fried Fish and Chips

Last but not the least, my meals are incomplete without having desserts, so I decided to go for Diet Vanilla Pound cake and yet again, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The lovely people at Getafix packed me a slice of carrot cake as well which was another surprise. After carrying it for good 1 hour and another half hour of delay, I finally ate it and now it’s added to my list of best carrot cakes in Delhi.

Diet Vanilla Pund Cake

Diet Vanilla Pund Cake

PS- they are soon coming up with Home Delivery as well

Happy eating & Happy reading!!!


There’s nothing like proving your love with your beloved to the world. Sony television has brought this unique concept of proving your love to the world and knowing you’re accompanied by your special someone gives it another feeling.

For me it was more special because two of my best friend’s participated in it and watching them in the show was an altogether different feeling. How they celebrated their love and proved to be each other’s support all throughout the time. Sony has not just given a platform to couples but also to others who can follow in the fooftstep and go out that extra mile to accept it and come out to the world.

While the show is a celebrity reality show, there’s something for people like you and me too … Yes, you read that right, and one couple from the audience like us has a golden chance of featuring on the show.

I went online and quickly logged on to this microsite mentioned in the promos The instructions are very simple unlike most contests I have participated in, in the past – All you have to do is simply

Login (with your facebook, twitter or gmail ID) and fill up your basic details such as name, your partner’s name, contact no, date of birth etc.

Share your story & picture

While you are on the same page, there’s an option to upload your picture with your partner and post your story. How simple is that!!!

Get votes

The story and picture that gets the highest number of votes of course wins a wild card entry on the show!!! How cool is that!!!

So guys, here’s a fabulous opportunity for all you lovely couples; we tell you why …

One you could feature in the same frame as other celebrity couples. Two, you can catch them completely off guard as the entry is through a wild card therefore one can expect more thrill and entertainment. Three, here’s a fabulous chance for your love to survive various tests on a BIG show on national TV

So hurry up guys, log on to and who knows!!! You could just become the next couple India loves to watch.