Mango Fiesta at Lodi- The Garden Restaurant

It’s that time of the year again when everyone and anyone (most of them) turn into a mango lover and swear by the king of the fruits.

It’s not hidden from anyone that Lodi- The Garden Restaurant is famous for its seasonal festivals be it Melon or Mango, these festivals involve cocktails, mocktails, salads, soups and whole range of appetisers and main course along with desserts. One can relish the taste of mangoes in everything even in a Bellini which is a sparkling wine based drink.


Mango Bellini

This festival is usually a month long affair but this time the restaurant is planning on having it for next months as well, as that time is the perfect time for mangoes. Lodi also has its own gardens in Pushkar from where they get mangoes in good quantity and those mangoes are used during this festival too.

You’re welcomed by a glass of Aam Panna the moment you get your table. This one drink is my all time favourite and childhood love too. This is as good as the one made at your home. After this a cold soup made of mango and yoghurt is served which is not only tasty but gives you a soothing effect in this scorching heat.

Menu has three types of salads, Spicy Green Mango, Fresh Mango & Brie and last shrimp with Mango ceviche. Out of these three the spicy green mango salad won my heart.


Spicy Green Mango Salad


Fresh Mango & Brie Salad


Shrimp & Mango ceviche

Next were the main course dishes along with some more cocktails. Pan seared salmon, Char grilled tofu and Grilled chicken, all with hint twist of mango in them were brilliant dishes. Best was the Salmon which had mango salsa sauce, I couldn’t have believe that fish can taste so good with mango and this dish was definitely a show stealer!


Pan seared salmon


Char grilled tofu

For desserts, what first came onto the table was a platter of sliced mangoes and I think it was the perfect dessert, since we were talking about mango.


Mango platter

But no this doesn’t mean that they don’t have options in dessert section. Well there’s whole range of Mango & Chocolate souffle, Homemade mango ice cream and Mango & Barley pudding.


Mango and Barley pudding


Mango and Chocolate souffle


Homemade mango ice cream

For various reasons the mango ice cream won my heart. It was flavourful with no added flavour, not watery and perfectly creamy. I could have had another round of it.

Well that was a lot of mango for me but if you happen to be a mango lover or even if you’re not, you must visit the on going feista and enjoy these delicacies at Lodi.

          Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

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