Bonhomia’s Summer Transformation @ #LBBD Dessert Bazaar

Bonhomia Coffee Capsule box

Bonhomia Coffee Capsule box

Bonhomia, the name synonymous with gourmet coffees, brought in a summer surprise ! .. A bevy of coffees and coffee based creations at the Little Black Book’s Dessert Bazaar at Monkey Bar on 16th May (Saturday).

Bonhomia’s unique coffee blends that come in ‘Nespresso’ compatible coffee capsules delighted with a rich assortment of coffees, coffee based dessert and cocktail. There were many who savored the Bonhomia Espresso shot, Cappuccino, Americano and Vanilla Machiatto and were delighted with the Bonhomia coffee dessert and coffee based cold beverages. Bonhomia also presented new blends of Black Veil (full bodied dark espresso) and Organic Bliss (organic espresso) for the connoisseurs.

One could indulge in a cocktail with Espresso Vanilla Martini (A rich vanilla flavoured espresso crafted with Bonhomia’s Artisan blend Coffee Capsules spiked with Vodka) and the not so traditional Cold Coffee (Ice coffee crafted with Black Veil Coffee Capsules) that brought the soaring temperatures down; the handcrafted Coffee Dessert in the form of an artisnal Ice Cream named Affogato (Vanilla Icecream drowned in Bonhomia Dark Deeds Espresso shot in association with ScoopsNSticks) was a delectable discovery.


Dark Deeds Coffee Capsules

Dark Deeds Coffee Capsules

Let’s take you to a tour of their coffee’s and their details:


Our 100% Arabica gourmet blend offers an extra-smooth body and an aroma that is piquantly poised between sweet and spicy notes. The fragrance hints at a tinge of dried apricot mixed with a whiff of delicious wine, enhancing its exquisite flavor.

Dark Deeds:

Our gourmet blend of all things dark and delicious is the perfect example of what can transpire when two good things come together to make something quite special. This confluence of Arabica & Robusta gives you a deep and dark espresso like none other. 

Fresh espresso shot with froth

Fresh espresso shot with froth

Black Veil: 

Sourced from the finest royal estates of Mysore, our 100% Arabica roast will uplift your senses. Intense and alluring, with spicy undertones, this full bodied dark espresso emanates an aroma of woody notes and boasts of a perfectly textured golden crema. With glimpses of Cocao and Citrus in a fresh tingling aftertaste, this pure coffee  will surely make your mornings and late evenings intensely perfect.

Me having my Black veil Cold Coffee

Me having my Black veil Cold Coffee

Besides the above, they have worked with infusions as well in their coffee’s with subtle overnotes of Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazelnut.

Vanilla – Artisan Blend:

Our range of Artisan coffees are exquisitely crafted to conquer your senses with an elevated coffee experience. This decadent espresso spiked with a subtle hint of vanilla weaves its creamy, mellow magic to perfection. With its beautiful buttery aftertaste and flavors that warm the heart, our Vanilla Artisan coffee works brilliantly as a dessert coffee; best enjoyed after a meal.  

Coffee Dessert

Coffee Dessert

Chocolate – Artisan Blend: 

Our range of Artisan coffees are exquisitely crafted to conquer your senses with an elevated coffee experience. Decadent and deep, this classic blend reinvents itself by pairing cocoa nibs with refined single origin coffee. Poignant notes of superior chocolate flood the palate with their charm and majesty, while our indulgent espresso enchants the spirit. Deliciously dark and bittersweet, this makes for a sinful dessert coffee bringing fine meals to a close on tables around the world.  

Coffee Boxes stacked up

Coffee Boxes stacked up


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