“Steam It” by Tupperware- Product Review

Steam It

Steam It

Tupperware has been a trusted name in the market of microwave friendly plastic consumer goods. The brand has been a household name across the world since 60 years now and the trust has not gone anywhere from people’s mind and heart. When I was approached by the team a few weeks back to review this new “Steam It” product that has been launched recently, quite happily I agreed on doing so.

This product is so amazing, easy to use, very easy to clean, dishwasher safe and many more. Unlike other steamers this doesn’t have a smell problem and with simple washing the odor of the food goes away. And I must mention the size, this is a double decker steamer, which takes less time to prepare two types of steaming at a time. Or you may steam a lot at a time for whole of your family.

A few points that you should know about “Steam It” :

1. It’s easy to clean.

2. A normal steamer leaves a smell in steamed foods after steaming in it. But tupperware steamer has no issue with any smells.

3. Some steamers has to be use with banana leaf or parchment papers in it. But it is not possible every time to get those. But with tupperware steamer we can use it as it is. No need any banana leaf or parchment paper. 

It takes only 7-8 minutes to steam veggies in two racks, so this is a time saver also. So my thumbs are up for this steamer “Steam IT”. And the price of this steamer worth it. My followers go ahead for this amazing product.

Steam it while making veg momos

Steam it while making veg momos

Veg Momos

Veg Momos

Steaming momos take almost 20-25min in the usual steamer but steam it made making momos all the more easier and quicker. The momos were done in 10-12min max. As for the Gatte (Rajasthani Dish) it was nothing less than a magic! The usual steaming time is 45min and the gatta’s were prepared in 25-30min in “Steam It”.

Besan ke Gatte

Besan ke Gatte

I would give 5/5 to this super amazing “Steam It”!


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