Black Burger Made its Way to India

Black Burger

Black Burger

After making a strong culinary statement in developed markets like the US and Japan, the ‘Black Burger’ has made its dramatic debut in the Indian market. Barcelos, the South African casual dining eatery, has introduced the Black burger in its outlet at Khan market, New Delhi, promising more than just a color change for the traditional burger aficionados. The Black burger is not just an experiment in color, but has also significantly redefined the traditional burger, with its texture and overall presentation. It is no secret, why the Black Burger has been a rage in the US and the Japanese markets and now India will be the third country in the world to enjoy this quirky offering.

Peri Black Beauty

Peri Black Beauty

Barcelos has introduced two variants of Black Burger i.e. Peri Black Beauty (veg) priced at Rs155 and Peri Black magic (Chicken) priced at Rs195. Available in two variants, black burger will have peri mayo in it.

Peri Black Magic

Peri Black Magic

Barcelos serves this exclusive black burger with peri peri sauces in four variants like Supa Peri, Veri Peri, Mild Peri and Tangy Lemon. After talking to Rohit Malhotra, GM Operations, Barcelos India said, “We are delighted to introduce Black Burger for the first time ever in india. Barcelos has not used any ink or artificial color to darken the bun but the herbs and organic ingredients used in it gives it a black color. We have kept the nutritional value of burger in consideration and not used any artificial color to it. Black burger is unique in itself due to its color and it will definitely intrigue the food lovers in the capital to try it.”

Peri Black Magic

Peri Black Magic

I tasted both the burgers and personally I loved the bun individually and the non veg burger was outstanding. Though the veg one was a tad bit disappointing, considering that all it had was soya and potato which made the patty way to soft and at the end the patty was falling apart. As I suggested this to the GM operations, Mr. Rohit, he said he will definitely look into the matter and work on it.

All in all it, this Black burger is here to stay!

Happy eating & Happy reading!!!


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