Noodling at Le Belvedere, Le Meridien New Delhi

It was a fine summer afternoon when I entered the building of Le Meridien New Delhi. I was supposed to visit Le Belvedere which is located on the top floor of the building and happens to be the oriental (chinese) restaurant of the hotel. Le belvedere is a Chinese restaurant with British architecture and french name. Sounds interesting much?


Le belvedere

The quaint restaurant that Le Belvedere is, has got one of the best top views of Delhi. You feel as if you’re seeing the other side of the city for the first time and the fact that Delhi is greenest of all gets assured.


View from La Belvedere

After doing a small tour of Delhi through the eyes of the manager who also happens to be a very humble and gentle person (sorry I forgot the name), we sat down for our food. The starters and drinks were brought first, and out of all the starters I loved the prawns to the core! They were jumbo prawns with beautiful taste and splendid aroma. Such crispy outer covering with perfect taste gave the prawns a perfect blend. Whereas the crispy lotus stems were way too crisp and as far as my taste goes I like it a little chewy, where I can taste the stem.




crispy lotus stem

Next on our table was the highlight of the day, the “Noodles”. We had various types of noodles along with stir fry vegetables. Pad Thai, Shanghai, Wok Tossed with gravy and Pan Fried homemade were the ones we had. Out of all these Pad Thai were the ones that I found a little too dry for me to eat. Wok Tossed with gravy and Pan Fried were my favourite out of all the others I had.





Don’t they look amazing and colourful? Oh they were tasty as well! The only problem I had in almost every dish was the salt. In each dish I had to put salt separately and not just me I saw other 2 bloggers doing the same.

This is a promotional menu which is still going on at Le Belvedere, Le Meridien New Delhi.

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