Breakfast date at Market cafe, Khan Market

Nani's Breakfast-  Aloo toastie, fresh juice, cutting chai, parle G, brownie.

Nani’s Breakfast- Aloo toastie, fresh juice, cutting chai, parle G, brownie.

Market cafe is the most visited and loved place of Khan market and why wouldn’t it be, the place has everything to be loved about. Good food, great ambiance and generous staff and for me these are a few things I look at when visiting a food joint or cafe. Market cafe is known for its scrumptious meals and refreshing juices and quaint atmosphere and also they have the best terrace in all of the khan market.

NewYork Cheesecake

NewYork Cheesecake

Recently this cafe introduced a new breakfast menu and luckily I dropped by the very day they started this menu. The menu is not very vast but has everything that one would want to have in his/her breakfast. There are a certain quirky names given to the different sections of the menu that are,  Classic MC Breakfast ( 2 eggs done your way, baked beans, chicken sausages, bacon strips, grilled tomato, hash browns, juice, tea/coffee, toast, butter and preserves. Cost- 425/-), Not So Shudh Desi ( anda or aloo parantha, paneer bhurji, cutting chai, parle G, juice, achaar. Cost-275/-), Healthy MC Breakfast ( bagrry’s muesli with milk/yoghurt, fresh fruits platter, 2 egg white omelettes, fresh juice, tea/ coffee. Cost- 345/-), Uuuse the Foooork ( pancake/waffle stack with butter & mapple syrup, 2 eggs done your way, bacon strips/chicken sausages, juice, tea/coffee. Cost- 345/-) and last Nani’s Breakfast ( aloo or veg toastie, fresh juice, cutting chai, parle G, brownie. Cost- 225/-).

Stack of Pancakes

Stack of Pancakes

I tried the combo of two breakfast options and other dishes from the regular menu too. The aloo toasties reminded me of childhood days when I used to go for long vacation at my Nani’s place and this used to be an all time favourite with that hand toaster she had at that time. A light breakfast option which is different from the regular crepe and other continental breakfast options. The next on my table was my favorite, stack of pancakes with maple syrup and butter. The fluffy and mildly sweet pancakes were gone down my tummy withing minutes, leaving my friend shocked because she couldn’t try more than two bites.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Apart from ordering from the newly launched breakfast menu I ordered a salad and potato wedges. Both of these didn’t disappoint me either and by the time my dessert arrived I was fully satiated. But as I always say, no meal is complete without dessert for me. So I ordered a lemon tart and newyork cheesecake. Here I was a little disappointed because the tart was way too hard and the cheesecake was too dry. I might not go for the desserts next time but other than that, the food was brilliant.



Happy eating & Hapyy reading!!!


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