Healthy Snacking: Rite Bite Max Protein Bar

Honey lemon Protein Bar

Honey lemon Protein Bar

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle has become a main agenda on everyone’s “To Do” list these days and this is where these protein bars come in. Rite Bite Nutrition bars are nothing less than an easy way to maintain your food habits in this busy life of ours. While there are many healthy eating options out there in the market but there’s always this one confusion of what to eat and how to eat, especially when you are highly conscious about the taste.

When I received these bars I was quite confused as to how to eat them or will they be tasty at all. But to my surprise these bars are not just a meal in themselves but definitely a tasty treat too. I chose Honey Lemon first to try and my brother decided to go for Choco fudge as he is a health freak who goes to gym everyday.

My first impression of the first bite was “This is good and I like the flavor” well yes, the zesty lemony flavor and the crunchy texture gives the bar a full 10/10 and the fact that it not only kept me satiated for good long time but also gave a me good after taste makes this bar my favorite out of all the three. The Impeccable blend of honey and lemon gives this bar a unique nectarous and tangy flavor which makes it more delectable. Total Calories of 1 bar is 281 whereas Protein content is 20.0g, Total Carb is 29.4g, Sugar is 11.4g,

Rite Bite Nutrition Bar Choco Fudge

Rite Bite Nutrition Bar Choco Fudge

Choco Fudge is rich in cocoa, the bar has got a dominating nutty flavor forming a perfect choice for chocolate lovers. It’s a meal replacement bar which makes it a preferable choice for people who are looking for healthy meal options and for people who are indulged in workout regimes. The nutritional values are as follows: Calories 308, Protein 20.0g, Total Carbs 31.7g, Sugar 13.3g.

Choco slim

Choco slim

This sugar free bar has a sweet candied taste of chocolate brownie. It contains hi-protein & low carbs; thus, making it a healthy snack. For best results consume it post workout sessions. And this too was eaten by my brother and the kind of result he got was worth every bite of this bar. As far as nutritional value goes, 1 bar has total of 258 calories, Carbs 31.3g, Sugar 3.9g (Zero added sugar). 

Max Protien Bars

Max Protien Bars


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