Indulge in ‘ChocoBerry’ Fiesta this Valentine’s Day



The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brings to you “ChocoBerry Fiesta” offering four irresistibly exotic desserts from mousse, crunchy tart, red velvet cheese cake to sponge rolls to sweeten your Valentine’s Day. Scrumptious and romantic, these desserts are made with rich and divine ingredients including strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. Each piece is made with love and detail to leave you and your loved one craving for more.

Cupid's Roll

Cupid’s Roll

Indulge in the flavorful Casablanca, a mousse with a fusion of both Strawberry and Chocolate ringed with meringue or let the Sweet Valentine, a crunchy tart with an inner crust of white chocolate, filled with custard cream cheese, topped with fresh strawberries take over your taste buds by adding that twist with a crunch.

Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine

Killing Me Softly, is a sinful red velvet baked cheesecake topped with decadent chocolate cheese cream that will make you melt. The Cupid’s Roll is sure to captivate you with its almond sponge rolled with luscious strawberry compote and cheese cream, finished with dark chocolate garnishing.

Killing me sweetly

Killing Me Softly

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also introduces the all new ‘Caramel Macchiato’ for the espresso lovers. The new beverage is a fresh espresso with steamed milk and foam, topped with buttery caramel syrup to make it a sinful indulgence. This scrumptious espresso will course through your veins, and the sweet, buttery caramel syrup will make you get lost into this mysterious elixir.

Don’t be surprised if it gets you addicted! It is available both hot & iced to suit your preference.

The ChocoBerry Feista desserts and Caramel Macchiato are available till 28th February, 2015 at all “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf”.

Hurry don’t miss the irresistible sweethearts!

Happy eating & Happy reading!!! 



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