Bon 6, the new smart surprise!

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My Santa certainly did forget one last surprise gift for me on Christmas. But nevertheless, I got my “surprise box” this morning. How does it feels when you open yours eyes and see a box in front of you? A box which you have no idea about FYI. It was the best morning surprise ever since neither did I pay for it nor I was expecting any parcel. When I opened the packet, I was taken aback by the wonderful surprise that was just there in front of my eyes! This gorgeous looking box made my day and I was so excited that it took me quit sometime to calm down.

Curious to know what it is? All I can say is, it is a “Mystery Box” which will be unveiled on 6th February. So till then just keep up with me on Twitter & Facebook to learn more about this “Mystery”

Bon 6

Bon 6

Curious? Excited? Impatient? I can understand. Ok, lemme give you some hints, it comes with chocolate 2.0, a beautiful crystal body which will leave you drooling and a perfect surround sound. Now that’s too much of a hint for you guys to guess.

Be a part of this mystery and register yourself at

Stay tuned for more!!!

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