Beyond Brilliant by Chef Dipna Anand

Beyond Brilliant

Beyond Brilliant

It’s not everyday that a chef is willing to meet writers/bloggers in a very casual setting at Starbucks with no fancy lights and decoration adorning the hall. When I got this invite of reviewing the first book penned down by chef Dipna Anand, I was quite excited and intrigued both because after reading about her I was somewhat convinced that she must be someone very conservative and reserved when it comes on to opening about the details of her restaurant “Brilliant” back in South Hall, London. But to my surprise, Dipna is one of those humble and down to earth chef’s who not only hails from a family of chefs/cooking experts but is also a graduate in technology which she used in cooking.

Dipana has won the much coveted British Curry Award. Her award was announced by the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

She co-owns the famous ‘Brilliant Restaurant’ in Southall. Author of ‘Beyond Brilliant’ recipe book, Dipna also lectures at The University of West London specializing in following subjects – Hospitality, Catering, Food Studies and Indian cooking.Dipna runs an Indian cookery school, carries out food demos and pop-up chef events., she is currently on a mission to teach the world how to cook ‘real Indian food’ with a touch of glamour and a lot of spice through a TV series she plans to come up with in the days to come. She has been featured by multiple newspapers, magazines and TV channels of repute in UK.

dipna anand 3

Her book is divided into 5 parts:

A.)  Welcome & Our Brilliant Career

B.) A Brilliant student & Teacher

C.) The Brilliant Restaurant

D.) The Brilliant Family

E.) The big Brilliant wedding

The book has everything you would want to know about Dipna, her father, her grandfather and the history of “The Brilliant”. What started in 1960’s as a small restaurant in Kenya has now turned into one of the most sort after North Indian restaurant in South Hall. The journey of 40 years is very well described in the book.

Chef Dipna Anand

Chef Dipna Anand

The book has some amazing recipes which are easy and tasty and can be made using all the ingredients present in your kitchen. Buy your edition of the book and learn more about the chef and her journey so far.

Happy eating & Happy reading!!!


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