Goodness of “New York White cheese pizza” now in India- Sbarro

When I got the invite of reviewing this place I thought it would be just another pizza outlet in Delhi, offering same old pizza’s, trying to convince me how good they are than others. Sbarro, a chain of pizza restaurants that specializes in New York style pizzas and other Italian-American cuisine is one of its kind pizza outlets in India which takes pride in serving freshly baked products, be it pizzas or garlic breads or their desserts. They surprised me with the quality as well as quantity. A slice of pepperoni pizza was decked up with pepperoni with very little space showing cheese beneath the meat,unlike other pizza restaurants that claim to be serving a freshly baked pizza but with countable amount of toppings on it.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

The sumptuous New York White Pizza and the toothsome New York Ham and Pineapple Pizza are the latest offerings on the menu of Sbarro, specially introduced for the festive season.

The New York White pizza that comprises delicious cheese fillings with a sprinkle of Parsley is an exquisite blend of fresh ricotta and rich mozzarella cheese, perfectly spread on New York style thin crust pizza. The pizza is made without a tinge of tomato sauce which gives it the distinct flavor that food-connoisseurs will love to taste.This no-tomato sauce pizza is one of its kind in the Delhi-NCR region and warrants a revisit to the food joint.

A mishmash of salty chicken ham and sweet&juicy pineapple is the New York Ham & Pineapple pizza. It is prepared on a base of ricotta cheese sauce and smooth mozzarella cheese which lends it a tempting flavor. The uniquely-flavored finger-licking pizza is a must-try.

New York White pizza

New York White pizza

I was accompanied by the chef himself on my table and he explained me quite a bit about the concept and tradition about Sbarro. The pizza chain takes pride in maintaining international standards without affecting its quality and emphasizes on three main things.

1. Dough

2. Sauce

3. Cheese

The dough is prepared everyday in the morning, the sauce is made freshly in kitchen and nothing is procured from outside except for the ingredients (of course) and cheese is 100% mozzarella with 40% dairy product (compared to other products). There are no preservative or chemicals in the cheese for making it stretchable. The crust is neither too thin nor too thick, it’s perfect for holding the toppings and cheese nicely. Due to a good amount of dairy product the cheese doesn’t loses its oily texture and keeps the pizza soft and tasty even after 1 hour which hardly ever happens with any other pizza.

Chicken Makhani pizza

Chicken Makhani pizza

Out of all the pizzas that I tried, Chicken Makhani was one of them, its a stuffed crust pizza with chicken stuffed between the crust and cheese on top with minced chicken chunks (they look like cheese). This was one of the finest pizza slices I’ve had till date. A must try at Sbarro according to me. After the pizzas chef made me taste the pastas, I had two different types of pastas Alfredo and Bolognaise, in a lay man’s term white sauce and red sauce pasta. I’m more of a white sauce pasta than red sauce but I thoroughly enjoyed the Spaghetti Bolognaise pasta which was served with a portion of garlic bread. Another dish that I tried was Stromboli which is freshly prepared again at the restaurant. It was stuffed with mushroom and broccoli and loads of cheese. Sbarro has its specialty and that’s it has softest and freshest breads.

Ham & Pineapple pizza

Ham & Pineapple pizza

I keep meeting a lot of chef’s every now and then but chef Rahul Gladwin Massey was a little different than all of them. He not only accompanied me throughout my meal but also gave such details about the brand and how the food is prepared that it was quite an eye-opener. I would like to introduce you all to the chef and man behind Sbarro’s brilliant preparation of pizzas.

Chef rahul Gladwin Massey

Chef rahul Gladwin Massey

Chef Rahul Gladwin Massey, alumni of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi has 11 eleven years of professional culinary experience. At present, as a Corporate Chef, he is heading the Food & Beverage division of Jyoti International Foods Pvt. Ltd., Master Franchise for the brand Sbarro, one of the largest Pizza Chains in the USA. Having opened two Sbarro Outlets in Delhi NCR, are looking forward to place it well on the food scene, creating buzz among pizza lovers all across. His professional background includes leading names in the Indian Hospitality industry, such as – Uppals Orchid – New Delhi,The Orchid – Mumbai, Blue foods Pvt. Ltd.(Delhi NCR & Mumbai),Sarovar Group of Hotels & Resorts, Future Today Inc, USA,Pyramid Saimira, New Delhi and Pan India Food Solutions. He has contributed to these organizations in capacity of Regional Executive Chef, Executive Chef and Culinary Consultant. He also holds International experience of working withSunlake Group of Hotels, Indonesia where he worked with Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta and was aopeningteam member of a 301 room5 Star property in Jakarta – Merlynn Park Hotel. During his culinary experience he has provided his expertise for carrying out events forWalmart India for their HoReCa segment all across India. He has specialized in Garde Manger (Cold Kitchen) and is fluent with Western Cuisines although he has worked a lot with Regional Indian Cuisines; he has picked up true South East Asian & Oriental cuisines during his tenure in the Archipelago.  Apart from Cooking he maintains quite a lot of hobbies like participating in Quiz shows, gardening & sketching; also happens to be a guitarist on a musical note.

Sbarro White slice pizza

Sbarro White slice pizza

Bite into the heavenly delights that add to the cheer and bonhomie of a festive meal only at Sbarro!

Happy eating & Happy reading!!!


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