Tex Mex Delights at Eros Hotel

As far as my knowledge of “Tex Mex” food goes, it isn’t exactly Mexican and not really different from it as well. You might think I’m confused, but actually the whole story behind this type of Mexican cuisine is quite confusing. In order to make it simpler let me give you a little brief about this particular kind of food and its origin.

Tex Mex

Tex Mex

“Tex-Mex” is a term describing a cultural fusion cuisine of American cuisine and Mexican cuisine, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos. It has spread from border states such as Texas and those in the Southwestern United States to the rest of the country as well as Canada. Tex-Mex is most popular in the state of Texas.

Some ingredients are common in Mexican cuisine, but other ingredients not typically used in Mexico are often added. Tex-Mex cuisine is characterized by its heavy use of shredded cheese, meat (particularly beef and pork), beans, and spices, in addition to Mexican-style tortillas. Dishes such as Texas-style chili con came and fajitas are all Tex-Mex inventions. Moreover, Tex-Mex has imported flavors from other spicy cuisines, such as the use of cumin, introduced by Spanish immigrants to Texas from the Canary Islands and used in Berber cuisine, but used in only a few central Mexican recipes.

Coming back to the Tex Mex festival at Blooms,Eros Hotel, the famous tequila company from Mexico had roped in an expat chef Tania Tovar exclusively for this festival. It is Tania’s first visit to our mother land. She’s a 24 year old and hails from Mexico city. 

Professionally, she likes to learn the flavors and culinary techniques from other cuisines. With an experience of different practices in hotels and restaurants of different cuisines such as , Japanese, Thai, kosher food, and of course Mexican traditional and author, among others, the most exotic food that she has tasted is insects used in certain Mexican regional food. She loves to travel and eat and so this profession gives her the best of both.

Chef Tania Tovar

Chef Tania Tovar

Mexican food is not just about Nachos and salsa dip that you get everywhere (mostly) in India. I hardly remember any restaurant that mainly caters to Mexican food or does pairing of the authentic cuisine with Tequila, which actually how it is supposed to be. Earlier TGIF ( Thank God Its Friday) in Vasant kunj, Priya’s complex had Tex Mex cuisine and back then tequila shots were a rage or the “In Thing”, the place has been shut down now. Apart from TGIF, Rodeo In Connaught Place still serves some Mexican food, which initially was planned as a stand alone Mexican restaurant but now serves almost everything. So yes, we had totally forgotten about this cuisine and thanks to Corralejo we got this chance of experiencing the long lost cuisine once again.

There was a wide spread of live Tapas Bar (Cold & Hot), Mexican Wraps, Main course and Desserts to choose from. A few dishes that I tried from the extensive menu were, Chicken Chipotle Wrap (Quesadillas), Corn Kernel & Cheese ( Tacos), Esquites, Chilli – Mexican tenderloin stew with chilli peppers, tomato & beans and in desserts we had, Capirotada (Baked bread pudding with almonds & raisins), Tequila Truffles and Coconut Dumplings.

Chili (braised tenderloin)

Chili (braised tenderloin)

The food was a total stand out in terms of authenticity and taste. A few things that didn’t go down well in my throat were Tacos, they were a bit dry and a little flavorless as compared to other dishes. The Mexican tenderloin stew was outstanding! It was as perfect as it could be, cooked to perfection and spiked with right amount of spices. Not just me but everyone who tried it on the table loved it to the core. Tequila was another highlight of the evening, it was the smoothest tequila I had ever tasted. No after burn in your throat too.



The festival was started on 12th January and lasted till 20th. The tequila brand Corralejo plans to take this festival all around India, covering at least 12 cities. Apart from tequila, Mexican Rum was also there and some of the cocktails too were prepared by the same rum. Yet again, the rum just like tequila won our hearts. The event was organized in the coffee shop area of the hotel, which is named “Blooms” It’s a pretty cosy space with buffet aligned in the center and sitting space outside for the weather like Delhi winters.



Happy eating & Happy reading!!!



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