Fragrance of Rain- #InspireAFragrance

How many times have you just gone out of your house when its raining only to take that refreshing sweet fragrance of wet soil? I’m sure every time it rains you all do that. Well,yes that’s the thing about rain, it brings the most joyous and refreshing fragrance with it. Be it a village or a metro city, this one season is enjoyed by everyone and anyone. Rains bring out the child within each one of us and the heart automatically feels happy.

Source Google

Source Google

The whole aroma and essence of rain draws everyone closer to the nature. Plants look more vibrant and there’s some sort of rejuvenation that is added to the flora and fauna which makes it more exotic. Rains have known to be the most happy, colorful and enchanting of all the seasons. A season so pure that it can be a muse for an artist, a source of love and belonging for a lover and just a matter of happiness of playing with paper boats for a little child.

Source Google

Source Google

If you ever get a chance to travel to the north-eastern side of India then you can actually experience the true beauty of rains and hills together. The beauty of seven sisters becomes more magnificent when these water droplets pour down from the sky in the form of drizzles and doubles the charm of the hills and rivers around.


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