Its DIY time with Chokola-A divine ‘Chocolate Pairing & Making Session’ with Acclaimed Parisian Chocolatier Christian Vautier

What– DIY chocolate pairing session

Where– Palate Festival, Nehru Park, Delhi

You have bought Choko la, you have been gifted Choko la, now how about creating your own Choko la. Guess what was melting at the New Delhi Palate Festival- #chokoladiy.

Fisher & Paykel Demo area

Fisher & Paykel Demo area

Choko la pleasantly surprised the chocolate lovers and food enthusiasts with yummy “Chocolate Pairing & Making Sessions” in Fisher & Paykel kitchen at the New Delhi Palate Festival.

Parisian Chocolatier Christian Vautier

Parisian Chocolatier Christian Vautier

The session started with ‘Wine and Chocolate Pairing Session’ to demonstrate how to indulge in the best wine and chocolate combinations followed by ‘Chocolate Making Session’.Chokola’s acclaimed Parisian Chocolatier Chef Christian demonstrated unique and scrumptious chocolate making by highlighting Chokola’s pure couverture chocolates. The highlight of the class was to create mouth-watering chocolate recipes including heavenly Hot Chocolate using 70 % Choko la bar, sinfully Moulded Milk Mendiants and indulgent Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart.              .

Christian Vautier preparing hot chocolate

Christian Vautier preparing hot chocolate

Choko la is all about Pure chocolate with its universal appeal as an ageless and alluring comfort food showcasing an array of lip smacking, mouth-watering cakes, cupcakes, brownies, chocolates. The brand strives to create a chocolate culture for chocolate lovers and displayed some of the signature products including Chokola’s Hot Chocolate.


Salted Caramel Tarts

Salted Caramel Tarts

The demo session was a full house, from housewives to chocolatiers to kids everyone present there enjoyed the demonstration by Christian Vautier. He not only displayed the 3 selected treats but also taught how temper chocolate and answered a few questions by the curious crowd. Chocolate has been known to mankind since ages but what is the basic difference between a compound chocolate and a bar is still a query for some. Such queries and difficulties were sorted by the chef. Chokola uses a blend of chocolates, and when we say chocolates then it means PURE chocolates. From plantation to the final result everything is kept in mind, also different brands, consistency and origin of the chocolate is considered while choosing a certain kind of chocolate at Chokola.

So next time you buy your cookies, chocolates or cakes from Chokola be assured that you’re buying the best!

Out Of three recipes I have chosen 1 which is my personal favorite and Chatpati would like to share the recipe with all my readers.



1. Milk Chocolate- 500 Gms

2. Cashew- 1 per piece

3. Almond- 1 per piece

4. Prunes- 1 small diced segment per piece

5. Apricot- 1 small diced segment per piece

6. Raisin- 1 per piece


1. Melt the milk chocolate in a microwave oven or a double boiler.

2. Cool it down to 26 degrees and warm upto 28 degrees to temper the chocolate and ensure a good crystallization

3. Put the chocolate into moulds and scrape off excess chocolate.

4. Tap the mould onto a surface to avoid air bubbles

5. Set Cashew, almonds, prunes, apricots and sultanas while the chocolate is still in semi liquid state.

6. Demould and serve.



Happy Eating & Happy Reading!!!


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