When Raasta turned 2

Nestled in the heritage soaked green environment of The Hauz Khas Village, this spacious lounge brings alive the free spirit of the Rastafarian culture that has over one million dedicated followers across the globe. The funky Caribbean lounge is a warm space which interplays with the greenery to create a place that transports you to the easy, lazy charm of the Caribbean islands.


Raasta, as the name suggests, encourages the simple tenets of simplicity, love and freedom. The lounge pays tribute to the legendary talents of Bob Marley who made mainstream music scene and has left an incredible impression with their brilliance. Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Cliff are among the others who have inspired the musical mix. The main genre of music played at the lounge is Reggae with a smattering of Dubstep and promises a welcome new scene to the vibrant nightlife of Hauz Khas Village.


About the anniversary celebration:
With fabulous arrangements food & drinks this do had Delhi’s full social circle in attendance. It was a Monday evening but anyone who was present at the party couldn’t feel the Monday blues at all and the credit goes to the lively atmosphere, music and people present.


Each guest was given a token of love and thank you from the host which was a very yummilicious chocolate at the time of entrance and a goody bag at the time when someone left. Each guest was taken care of at the party, no one could feel that this place is just 2 years old since everything was class apart, from cocktails to food everything seemed near perfect.

We wish Raasta many more years of success!!



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