Indian Restaurants Awards 2014


What: Indian restaurants award 2014

Where: Taj vivanta, Suraj Kund,Faridabad

Franchise India in collaboration with  Himalayan, Cremica, Artidnox, Pepsico and various other partners/ sponsors recently hosted its 4th edition of Indian Restaurants Congress 2014 at Vivanta by Taj.

The evening was nothing less than an award function you see on your television screens, lavish décor, whose- who of corporate, media, food industry and of course loads of food. Mr. Gaurav Marya, chairman of Franchise India graced the event by giving a speech and then president of Franchise India took over the stage once the inaugural cultural performance was over.

Indian Restaurants Awards

Indian Restaurants Awards

Mr. Chaudhary not only told us some great techniques of working in this industry but also told us how he creates the happiness and energy in his work life alive by taking inspiration from his personal life. He told everyone about his daughter who’s struggling with life and still lives each moment like its last, happily.

The event started a little late, rather very late but the wait was worth it. From food to drinks the arrangements were perfect. The sitting area though small still looked perfectly managed.

20140828_223908 (1)

The evening lasted till late and the award ceremony was followed by cultural performances in between and the highlight of the evening was Mr. Chaudhary, president Franchise India singing and playing Guitar on the stage. It was definitely a sight which shouldn’t have been missed by everyone.

The stage

The stage


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