Launch of “House of Singh & Ching”

Launch of House Of Singh & Ching

What- Sino-Indian Fusion, Indian and Chinese

Where- 2nd Floor, Block H, Eros Cinema Complex, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi

Price- since it was a launch event the rate card was not available but roughly somewhere between 1000-1500 INR (without alcohol)

Timings- 12 Noon- 11:30pm

Delhi’s Jangpura Extension has a newbie amongst itself, House Of Singh & Ching  a Sino- Indian fusion restaurant which serves some exquisite delicacies especially prepared in their kitchen by the chef who swears by the authentic Thai flavor his food has also at the same time it has the taste of most sort after Indian dishes like Butter Chicken, Tandoori Malai chicken tikka and so on.

The first dish that was served on our table was Thai Herb Fish which was instantly liked by everyone and within minutes got over. The second dish was Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka, this dish has a very strong flavor and aroma of Kaffir lime so strong that someone who’s not used to of the flavor might not like it. The food was accompanied by some colorful cocktails such as Green Spider, Cherry Gimlet and Raspberry Martini.

Green Spider

Green Spider

Cherry Gimlet

Cherry Gimlet

Raspberry Gin

Raspberry Gin

Herb Thai Fish

Herb Thai Fish


Singh & Ching di Bhatti



The cocktails were Mocktails in disguise with only fruit flavor and lime juice and No alcohol, nearly.

The second round of food had Prawn Angare, Burrah Mutton, Spicy Tandoori Fruit chat and Prawns with Coconut Chutney & Curry Leaf. Prawns Angare and Burrah Mutton were a hit at the event, well cooked, spiked with spices perfectly and served with love.

What caught my fancy was the cocktails that came on our table with these dishes, Chhach Margarita, Jaljeera Vodka and The Enchanter. But yet again the cocktails inspite of their unique combination lacked right amount of alcohol.

Now the Ambience of the place, you’ll see the Chinese set-up dominating the restaurant, the bar counter could have been more innovative instead being a plain white!! But according to the place they’ve used the space well and I personally loved the music they played, bang on according to the place.

House Of Singh & Ching is located in the Eros Complex which gives them an added benefit No Parking Issues!! You can easily park your car in the complex basement.

Prawn Angare

Prawn Angare

20140823_133115 (1)



Burrah Mutton


Cinnamon Ice- Cream


Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka

It was a very difficult task but something which was enjoyed by everyone.


Prawn Angare- well cooked, spiked with Indian spices perfectly and mouth watering. Do try them when you visit this place, they will not disappoint you.

Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka- too salty, had a very strong flavor of kaffir lime but still something really different and worth trying. P.S Do not try if you don’t have a taste for Thai food you may not like it.

Thai Her Fish- right amount of herbs and oyster sauce made this dish just perfect! Highly recommended.

Spicy Tandoori Fruit Chat- except pineapple no other fruit tasted good.

Stir fried mushrooms- again the dish was too salty, you can avoid this.


Chhach Margarita- tequila, salted buttermilk, lime juice & coriander. Yes, you read it right this drink leaves you confused and wondering whether to like it or not. But it will definitely tantalize your taste buds. Do give it a try.

Jaljeera Vodka- a typical Indian welcome drink twisted in an interesting way. Give it a try you’ll like it for sure.

Green Spider- vodka and crème de menth, this drink tasted nothing more than a mocktail with mint flavor.

The Enchanter- spiked with spices, star anise, gin & orange juice. A good amalgamation of spices and Gin.


Cinnamon Ice-cream- this was the winner of the whole event. Perfect taste, beautiful flavor and simple yet elegant presentation.

On a scale of 10 I will give this place 6.5, a lot needs to be worked out but I’ll still give them a benefit of doubt since they’re still afresh and in the initially stage.

Happy Eating & Happy Eating!!!


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