What A Comic Show!

Comic-book nerds, rejoice! Thanks to a comic themed restaurant and the hippest trendiest new hangout in town.  With a hanging upside down action figurine of Spiderman on the window glass and a life sized frame of Superman, comic-book fans will feel right at home at What a Comic Show (WACS). When you walk into a place like this, it brings you back to your childhood and makes you remember why you got into comics. Here you’ll get the flashback of those days where comic characters were our real heroes and how we mimicked ninja by using scales as swords to supernatural devil looking investigator, Hellboy.  Being a hardcore comic fanatic, I was in love with their ambiance. There are comics everywhere- on the walls, collage on the table tops, and even full issues on the table to read while you wait. It was indeed a joy when I spotted my favorite Iron man’s action figure. The walls display countless memorabilia from Marvel & other comics, including Mickey Mouse, head busts, figurines and movie posters. It provides excellent customer service in a friendly home style environment.  Customers can play any of the board games at any time. The restaurant is essentially my dream fan-cave brought to life!

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Located at Safdarjung Development Area Market near Delhi, IIT Gate, this new age restaurant started by food lover and comic world fan- Pooja Moirangthem is one of a kind. Being a budding entrepreneur, Pooja has been in the Travel Industry for almost a decade and then decided to hang her boots as she always had the zest to start a unique and rejuvenating enterprise. The owner have meticulously handpicked and selected all the components of the business. They even organize live acoustic musical nights, screening of super blockbusters in the genre of animation, superheroes costume parties and much more.

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I sat down and pursue the drinks menu to see what reference I can catch. A mocktail named PHANTOM PUNCH pops out immediately, it is a blend of lime soda, brown sugar with ginger syrup. Super healthy and refreshing drink. Then I opted for FRANSKENSTEIN BLOOD which did not suit my taste bud. I felt the portion of tomato juice was too strong.

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To get the complete essence of both CONTINENTAL and ORIENTAL delicacies, I chose VEG PLATTER from each. Former platter consists of crispy French fries, potato wedges, mushroom triangle toast which was a perfect delight and simple bruschetta with tasty topping. While the latter has spring rolls, stuffed potato, chilly paneer which were good but shabalay and wontons were a letdown. On the recommendation of our pretty host, I tried CRISPY CORN PEPER SALT and BAM! It was an outburst of crunch and flavors. Here, I can say that spiciness was on point.

Crispy Corn pepper salt

Then I had WHITE SAUCE MUSHROOM PASTA which again was brilliant. Up next was freshly made EGG SANDWICH with a side of fries, which for once was just the right amount. It has a taste that lingers and will make you want to revisit.

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Like we all know a food review is incomplete without a sweet take, so for dessert, I had CHOCOLATE BROWNIE with CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM which was good.

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Clearly, this is a different kind of establishment. One that makes everyone feel welcome. It is a geeked out nerd fest with great food. Like Jim Zub said ‘Comic is social’ and so is WACS.

On a comical note I would like to add ‘May the FOOD be with you’!

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Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

By Nistha Singh

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Portuguese Cocktail Bar & Dessert Tasting @Barcelos


Barcelos brings the rich wine culture of Portugal here through their newly introduced Portuguese Cocktail Bar. They have already won people’s heart through their exotic bar menu which includes Molecular drinks, Sangria, boozy shakes and now taking it to another level, they have introduced an exclusive Portuguese Cocktail Bar.

With today’s emerging global trend of fast pace living, there is little time available for good and traditional food. Therefore, Barcelos strive continually to find a perfect balance between the traditional, healthy home-style cuisine and the fast lane demands of the modern world. Barcelos is an Afro-Portuguese restaurant specializing in Peri Peri best Flamed Grilled Chicken. With a single operation founded in Pretoria, South Africa in 1993, Barcelos has grown exponentially which led it to start franchising in 1998. Ever since this gourmet of burger chain opened in Khan Market it has been a hit amongst the people.


The ambiance is bewitching. Spread over two floors, this place has a warm inviting feel with well laid out massive space & comfortable seating. The interiors have been done tastefully with a lot of wall paintings reflecting the theme of Portugal.


So after creating a huge buzz by introducing colored burgers, Barcelos is back with another interesting concept for those who love their drinks and for all the sweet-toothed people like myself. It brings the rich wine culture of Portugal here through their newly introduced Portuguese Cocktail menu. First up, i was greeted by the delightful DIRTY ROSE, a small-sized glass containing wine, rose essence and tropical fruit- all topped with dried rose petals. The fruitalicious blend somehow left me with the pleasant aftertaste.


Next was the Indian classic cocktail KHATTI MEETHI MARGARITA, infused with tequila, fresh lime, mint leaves, tamarind and watermelon. It was refreshing and is definitely a popular choice amongst the ladies.


Although I’m not a wine person but still i was in love with DOCE. A blend of red port wine, a spoon of vanilla ice cream to give a creamy texture to it, cinnamon, raspberry syrup  with sprinkled chocolate powder. This drink was a pure bliss.


As for food, FRIES AND WEDGES PLATTER was served with 3 dips- mayo, peri mayo and cheesy jalapeño mayo which was my favourite.


Up next was ARABIC MEZZE PLATTER, it comes with the fresh hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, pesto hummus and tabbouleh with the crispy falafel and spongy pita.


Now comes the sweet part of this review, dessert that is, GOLDEN CHOCOLATE CAKE serve with meringue and BLACK FOREST ICE CREAM was luscious. Ice cream was vanilla based with chocolate flakes and cherries.

unnamed (1)

Though TRADITIONAL CHEESECAKE with gulab jamun base didn’t have the perfect consistency but small sized gulab jamun that were served separately with it was on point. The best part about ice cream here is that it is not procured from outside but made in Barcelos, so fancy some PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM? Go for it as it tastes great and gives a flavorful after taste.


Overall I enjoyed this experience and all credit goes to the staff and prowess of the chef. Presentation and hospitality was remarkable. Barcelos strives to serve something different in a market that is already full of restaurants serving everything and they manage to hold their ground well. Hence, their new cocktail and dessert menu is worth a try.

Happy reading & Happy eating!!!

By Nistha Singh

Associate Blogger


Seasonal Menu at Mamagoto


Shrimp Dumplings

Mamagoto has been a favourite since forever now, be it someone’s birthday or a casual lunch, Mamagoto is the first option. One good thing about this place is the consistency in their food and quality.

Winter is a time when the appetite automatically gets doubled and most of the people, including me are always looking for new places, menu to try on. Mamagoto introduced a not so extensive but satisfying winter menu this season, 3 options in cocktails, 1 veg, 1 meat and 1 sea food options in Dumplings section. 3 different options in the main course and 1 in the dessert.


Rum Diaries

Mamagoto excels in the field of asian cooking and one who is a regular at the restaurant swears by their dumplings and Ramen Bowl.

I tried Shrimp Dumplings and Veg (mixed mushroom spiked with sesame oil, served with a fresh chilli and vinegar dressing) the dumplings were perfectly steamed and the filling tasted well too but my only concerned was about the dressing, since the dumplings come dipped into the dressing, it becomes too soggy on the base which makes it difficult to eat.

On the other hand, Mama Katsu-Don ( Mirin, sake, kikkoman soya, smoky onion sauce poured over sticky rice and served with panko crusted fried chicken) this was one full meal with huge chunks of chicken and a bowl full of rice. This is a meal in itself, and can be shared by 2 people.


Veg Dumplings

The drinks were pretty good as well, I tried Frozen Sangria and Rum Diaries, as the name suggests one being a wine based cocktail and other a mix of white and dark rum shaked with grilled pineapple and orange juice.


Frozen Sangria

You can find these cocktails in the regular menu as well.

     Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

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Mister Chai- Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Mister Chai is a unique concept that is curated to give patrons a local ‘tea shop feel’. It focuses on regional Indian street food and beverages with emphasis on tea. Unlike a conventional tea lounge, Mister Chai is a dining destination in its own right. Popular Indian street food has been re-invented and presented in exceptional style.  


Experienced and talented chefs under the guidance of Executive Chef, Neeraj Tyagi have collaborated to design a menu that is as creative as it is well thought out.The menu is a kaleidoscope of regional dishes with a modern twis




Mister Chai’s beverage menu lives up to the restaurant’s name providing a plethora of choices with its tea selection. It is all set to provide guests an authentic local teashop experience in the heart of the city’s business and entertainment district.  


The swanky new menu is designed in such a way that neither you’ll be worried about your pocket nor the taste. The highlight of this place is the exquisite variety of teas and coffees available for you. One thing is definitely assured that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From vada pao to sandwiches and chocolate shake, you name it and they have it.


       Happy eating and Happy reading!!!

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Flluid- Hotel Mosaic

Presentation of food has been given utmost emphasis. They came up diverse ideas like The Gun Powder infused American Chowder Soup which was served in a skull shaped hip glass topped with gun powder masala. This was my favorite from the evening.. Just wished it was not the size of a shot glass..


We began with a mocktail which was basically orange juice served in a liquor flask and the whole idea of starting our meal with a juice seemed healthy enough. Following this came in a snack in a miniature iron for us to guess what was inside of it. It was a starter which was a puff with healthy mushroom filling. Too small in size to finish up in one go.



Just keeping the starters light enough we were served Amritsari Masala Baked Fish which was served as small cubes with a slice of cucumber as the base for the cube for the entire snack to go in the mouth as a whole while for the vegetations on our table it was Achari Paneer tikka tart. This dish was very rich in flavour and spices and served as a canopy of paneer chunks. To add further taste to dishes they had their sauses and dips – Mint chutney, Tamota Salsa and Chilly Garlic Mayonnaise each in a miniature pressure cookers..



We were served the Ceaser Salad prepared in Mayo, Olive oil, Lettuce and other vegies and bread crumbs served in a big edible bun. Personally I didn’t like the dish much and found the bun to be a total wastage of food since nobody would eat the bun and just the filling.



Next we were served a house creation of 3 burgers which were served with fries in a miniature shopping  trolley.. Now the speciality about these burgers was that each burger had a specific flavour to it – Pink : beatroot, Green : spinach, and the regular..


We were served the chicken pudina chaat which was typically Indian. Experiments could have been done with this one to make it more interesting.
To bring an end to the evening we were served a lip smacking dessert which was something I had never about. The Gulab Jamun cheese cake. Chunks of Gulab Jamun in English cheese cake along with rasberry cheese cake as a topping given separately in a mini glass to add to the taste.


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Sandy’s Cocktail & Kitchen


SANDYS Cocktails & Kitchen, as the name suggests is symbolic of everything that its creator Sandeep Verma (akaSandy) has accumulated over decades of experience in the hospitality sector. An ideal place to dine in with that special someone, families and friends alike, Sandy and his team have used all their armour in making the place an ideal ground for great conversations, whilst enjoying blues, jazz, rock and swing music and live gigs. Situated in a quite area of Gurgaon’s sector 29 it is a full service restaurant and bar that wears its creator’s clouds on its sleeve.


A visit to SANDYS Cocktails & Kitchen will have you basking in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere conversation pieces that adorn its walls overlooking its herb garden. With an equally envious fresco area and unique outdoor experience, Sandy takes his motto of using only the freshest ingredients to a whole new level. An inspirational Pan-Asian and European cuisine crafted with love and passion, the kitchen at Sandy’s provides a fresh twist while churning out some old favorites.


Last Tango

The food and beverage menu has been carefully crafted and curated by Sandy himself. A few signature/trademark dishes that are worth mentioning are Seafood Risotto(Calamari, Prawns & Fish fume), Gamberoni Alla Griglia(Grilled king prawns served with olive oil & lemon juice emulsion with capers), Braised lamb shanks(Cooked in its own jus and served with globe artichokes, green pea and truffle risotto and sauteed spinach, shallot confit), Pork Chops Avec Polenta(pork chops served with home made barbeque sauce and herb polenta),Tian Fu Chilli Tofu(braised silken bean curd in chilli oyster sauce with tian fu chilli), Hu-Nan Style Prawns(made with fresh chilli, wasabi and schezwan sauce) to name a few.


Lamb Shank


Disorientated Chicken Caesar Salad

Its signature bar, the highlight of the property is located in the basement, which has the 1920’s -New Orleans speakeasy feel to it.  Whether you are looking for a top Old Fashioned, a magnificent Martini or new age Molecular Cocktails, SANDYS Cocktails & Kitchen is eager to concoct it for you. Few of the signature cocktails atSandy’s are – Muddy Waters(Bourbon, brandy, maple syrup, Angostura, apple juice and cinnamon dust), Smok’d Celery Bloody Bitch(Vodka, Worcester, Tabasco, crushed pepper, tomato juice topped with smoked salt and celery foam), Last Tango in Modena(Tequila, Spicy bell pepper, passion fruit puree, basil leaves and lime) to name a few. They have over 100 cocktails listed in the menu, out of which 40 are hand crafted bespoke creations by Sandy himself.


Old Fashioned Cocktail

Sandy is a live wire behind the counter, who himself dispenses the most suave and novel cocktails in the capital. His mixology is not only creative but exotic too. He entertains tirelessly belting out humour and drinks with equal panache and style. Sandy believes that it’s the bartender who is the soul of every function and thus invented the term “Show Tender”.


Wild Mushroom Risotto

His bartending exploits throughout India have provided him with over two decades of experience throughout the bar industry. Having tended bars for the rich and famous, Sandy has also appeared on TV and in national and trade press as an authority on drinks, mixology and bartending.



       Happy eating & Happy Reading!!!

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High Spirits Festival at Hard Rock cafe


If ever there were a month to indulge, it would definitely be December. There’s a lot of festivities around, and that often requires a little holiday spirits! But that’s not all December has to offer. If going-out is your flavour of choice, you’ll be doing some serious celebrating this month. Hard Rock Cafe launches its signature LIIT festival with a fresh-new twist! With over 50,000 LIITs sold each year, you can taste an exclusive range of 10 new variants of this hot seller.



Featuring an action-packed event calendar, there are more reasons than one to visit a Hard Rock Café nearest you; Christmas celebrations, Temptation Gold: New Year Eve Party, live bands every Thursday apart from the famous Rock to Retro nights every Friday at Saket and every Saturday at Gurgaon outlet.

Double Trouble Ice Tea

Turning it up by a notch, the excellent Bar Rocker team has created an exclusive range of 10 new LIITs. Fresh fruit, unique flavours, subtle spices and wild colours are only a few highlights from this delicious, refreshing and dangerous menu. All adding to the lights and colours of the festive season. Some of these bad boys have up to six kinds of spirits so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Visit your nearest Hard Rock Cafe and find out!

Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

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